Sunday, March 13, 2016


     On July 30st, 2016 Katie Petro will make her 2nd attempt to swim across Lake Erie from Canada to the United States.  She made her 1st attempt two years ago when she was 14.  She was in the water nine hours and swam 14 miles before a severe thunder storm ended the swim. 
     Katie is doing this swim to raise awareness about OI and raise money for the OI Foundation.  She was diagnosed with OI when she was 8 years old, the same year she began competing on the swim team. It was also the same summer an amazing swim coach, Gian Surbella, allowed her to swim the 500 in a meet, an event usually not offered until swimmers are much older. That was the start of Katie's passion for distance swimming.   Swimming has been Katie's refuge ever since.
     It is this same passion that drives Katie to help others that may face physical challenges. Katie wants people to know that those affected by OI may have weak bones, but they are strong people. She also wants to help others with OI find their strengths.  This swim really is about the Unbreakable Spirit®.
On July 31st Katie will enter Canadian waters and swim a continuous 25 miles to the US shore. The swim will take approximately 12-20 hours to complete.  She hopes that you will show your support of her efforts by making a donation to the OI Foundation.

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